CENT Cares

Better Together

CENT today is announcing plans to provide relief to our members impacted by the economic effects of COVID-19. It is clear the effects of the pandemic will last longer, so today we are announcing an extension of our continued effort with our loan deferral program for a term of up to 3 months or 90 days. This includes mortgages and other loans and will support members facing financial uncertainty and vulnerability from the fallout of Coronavirus.

CENT is asking current individual and business members to contact us to discuss what options are available to support them, as each case will be assessed individually to help people through these difficult times.

Members impacted or concerned about their financial situation as a result of COVID-19 should get in touch with us to discuss how we can help. Please visit our website at www.centcu.org for more details or via email at loans@centcu.org

Quote from Matthew R. Chizek, CEO, CENT:

“For over 55 years, our insured, safe and sound financial, CENT has been an organization that exists to serve our members. Today that focus remains unchanged and we’ll do everything we can to help our members get through this very difficult time. Many people and businesses will be directly affected by this pandemic, and we’re here to support each of them.”

“I encourage any members with concerns on how to deal with the impact of the Coronavirus to start the conversation and contact us. We will work with you to identify what supports you need, including options such as personal and mortgage payment flexibility. CENT will continue to find more solutions during this challenging time as the situation evolves. Better Together, God bless,” Chizek continued.