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CENT Credit Union’s kid’s club account is a great way to teach healthy savings habits at an early age (0-13).  CENT’s kid’s club is called the True Heroes Club, and the savings accounts associated with it work in a similar way as an adult member’s Regular Share account; they are interest bearing (at a current rate of 2% APY*), require $25.00 as a par share, and guarantee part ownership of the credit union.  

CENT membership is comprised of employment groups including North Iowa health care workers, public employees including police, firefighters, and teachers, cement workers from Lehigh, and other “true heroes” of the community, and now CENT’s kid’s club will reflect that.  As of July, 2017, the program has been renamed the True Heroes Club.  This way, we encourage children throughout North Iowa to respect and honor these important community members while being money-smart.

*Dividend rate may change after the account is opened. Minimum balance to receive 2% APY: $25.00.  Fees could reduce earnings on this account.